Wedding Party


Best Man- Conor Breuer (Son of the Groom)

Groomsman- Nolan Hager (Nephew of the Groom)

Groomsman- Mark Connoley (Friend of the Groom)

Groomsman- Eric Stanton (Friend of the Groom)

Groomsman- Seth Thomas (Friend of the Groom)


Maid of Honor- Jocelyn “Josie” Breuer (Daughter of the Groom)

Matron of Honor- Jessica Schneider ( Blumhorst) (Friend of the Bride)

Bridesmaid- Rhianna Lake (Sister of the Bride)

Bridesmaid- Melodie Heberer (Friend of the Bride)

Ceremony Party:

Flower Girl- Maggie Breuer (Daughter of the Groom)

Usher 1- Luke Bland (Friend of the Bride)

Usher 2- Brandon Kuehnert (Nephew of the Groom)

Usher 3- Austen Lake (Cousin of the Bride)

Greeter 1- Krystal Foley (Kruep) (Friend of the Bride)

Greeter 2- Ashely Raney (Hager) (Niece of the Groom)

Reader 1- Kelsey Burrough (Cousin of the Bride)

Reader 2- Angie Breuer (Sister of the Groom)

Reader 3- Ryan Lake (Cousin of the Bride)

Reader 4- Chris Tice (Friend of the Groom)

Candle Lighter 1- Kelly Damon (Cousin of the Groom)

Candle Lighter 2- Stacy Cook (Cousin of the Bride)

Wedding Officiant- Dr. Catherine Daus (Reinhard) (Friend of the Bride and Groom)

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