The Cake!

Three tier? Cupcakes? Edible Cinderella Slippers?  What’s your opinion?  Share your ideas!


Yummy Cake 1


5 thoughts on “The Cake!

  1. you may want to consider icing a styrafoam cake. sounds funny but turns out great, you can then use fondant icing and you do not have to eat it. ( many people do not like fondant) then have several types of cakes made into sheet cakes and layer cakes. Brit had coconut cream cake and choc. ganache for her cakes. only the top of the cake was real. so they cut the top for pix and then we took the cake back and brought out the others already cut. nobody could tell the diffrence.
    This saves money and gives you many options for diffrent types of cakes. My girls did traditional cakes. so we did not go that route (and i only had 17 days to pull it together )

    • That’s a great idea Angie. I spoke with someone who makes cakes and she suggested the same thing. It would definitely save on money! I like the idea of having the top cake real and the rest fake. I know I want buttercream icing on the sheet cakes and I have no clue what I want for the center. We will have to go taste some most likely.

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