Pictures and Words

Last night, Caitlin and I met with our Photographer, Kirk Martin. Really looking forward to working with such a professional! Tonight, we’re meeting with Katie Schmeider to discuss invitations and all manner of printed materials. The train just keeps ‘a rollin’!

Another Day of Planning

Today we continue the planning frenzy.  Caitlin is on the phone, nearly non-stop.  I am hacking away at the blog, trying to keep up with all of the changes.  I’ve added a calendar for event scheduling on the right hand sidebar.  Now I’m getting ready to add a new page with some more pics. Remember to stop in often and make comments! ANd send us some pics to post! After all, I’m not doing all this work just for us!


Love to you all. See ya soon!

Caitlin and Matt

PS Caitlin just plunged the toilet. Thought you might want to know. 😉

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Welcome to our wedding blog!

Hear my soul speak: The very instant that I saw you, did My heart fly to your service. (The Tempest, 3.1.60-3)





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